EMX Multi Slider

A responsive, jQuery powered, multi-slideshow.


EMX Multi Slider is a jQuery powered slideshow that specializes in showing more than one slide at a time. The Multislider module allows the user to set options and display as many slides as required in a manner that is fluid, consistent, and dymanic.

Please note that you cannot install more than one instance of this module on a page.


EMX Multi Slider accepts an options object when it is initalized. Here you can customize the way you'd like the multslider to function. A full list of options and their descriptions is shown below. These options can be set under the module settings of each instance.

Name Description
Slider Type
  • Basic - displays only images without title and description.
  • Mixed - displays images with title, description and 'read more' link.
Slider Mode
  • Marquee - the multislider will scroll left at a constant speed without stopping.
  • Single-Slide - the default animation will move only one slide.
  • Slide-All - the default animation will move all visible slides.
Visible Slides The number of visible slides (min: 1, max: 5).
Duration The amount of time that it takes to complete each slide animation. Larger numbers equate to slower animations (min: 500ms, max: 4000ms).
Interval The amount of time between each automatic animation event (min: 1000ms, max: 3500ms).